Subdomain feature enhancements


Currently, when creating a subdomain, the user cannot check to see if their desired subdomain already exists. If the subdomain does not exist, they are then stuck with whatever subdomain they specified. Given that the user is only allowed 5 subdomains, and the quota is not updated, even after deleting the subdomain (why?), this makes creating subdomains tedious and unpleasant.

Suggested feature enhancements

  1. Allow the user to check if the subdomain exists before creating it.
  2. Provide suggested subdomains.
  3. Increases the subdomain quota.
  4. Allow the quota to be refreshed when a user deletes a subdomain.
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For privacy reason, we don’t allow checking for the availability of a subdomain to avoid a bad actor from sending spams to a subdomain.


I don’t think they will enhance the subdomain feature.
Why? Because you can get a custom domain and use it with simplelogin.

I believe this could be possible if the tool performed regular “base cleaning.” In other words, accounts that have been abandoned (without any logins for a specified period, such as 12 months) could have their subdomains released. This process would be similar to what happens with registered domains, where resources are fairly and democratically made available for reuse by others.

Let me provide a few examples: Recently, I lost a domain due to my own negligence. This domain was associated with an email address used in various places. The responsibility for this loss lies with me, not the registration institution. Now, I’m scrambling to update logins across all the services where that email from the lost domain was being used for access.

This practice should extend beyond just SimpleLogin and apply to all platforms. After 12 months of inactivity, services should release unused resources so that others can utilize them. For instance, if someone created the subdomain “” and then forgot about it or deleted it, it seems unfair that others can never use it again. The right and just approach would be to release such subdomains for public use after a predetermined period.

Given the security concerns, a prominent warning could be displayed to users. It would inform them that after X months of discarding a subdomain, it might be reused by someone else. The user who discarded it should take precautions to ensure that the new user of the previously discarded subdomain doesn’t misuse it.

Ultimately, it’s not the role of SimpleLogin—or any other service—to act as a perpetual guardian for users, protecting them from their own technical irresponsibility regarding the resources they use. This overly protective stance sometimes harms those who understand what they’re doing and need resources that others are either misusing or wasting.

I’m confident that there are thousands, perhaps millions, of excellent subdomains that have been squandered due to this senseless and unfair protective policy by SimpleLogin.

I believe I speak for thousands of users in raising this question and highlighting this issue. I’d be interested in an open discussion with the platform’s team.

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