Smart Spam Filtering / From Domain Filtering

Hello Simlpe Login team! I have been using the service for a few months now and I’m really missing some Spam filtering tools. The forwarding works great, the reverse alias functionality as well, everything related to good and real e-mails works really well.

I’m missing a good way to deal with the few bad apples that come through. As using the spam filter on Proton side is not recommended as most addresses will have reverse alias/simple login domains.

I would really like the option either for my entire account or for custom domains to enable smart filtering to “detect” review some bad apples although I understand such a feature may take some time.

Alternatively some feature to block incoming domains could also work as I have noticed some bad actors reusing original domains across multiple recipient aliases and blocking the domain might be an easier option than blocking the recipient everywhere.

In summary some spam fighting/filtering tools to avoid manual only filtering of bad apples.

Spam filter is not needed if you use one email address for just a few companies.
I do it that way.

So if I were to receive spam, I would simply deactivate the corresponding email address and inform the 2-3 companies about the email change. Problem solved.