Proton unable to categorize into folders

I use simplelogin aliases to redirect to a mailbox address so that using auto-filters the mails can be further categorized, as required. The filters use conditions on subject, recipient, sender and attachment. Since, the mail recipient appears to be the newly created aliases on Simplelogin the filters don’t work and all of the mails go into default inbox, instead. I need help here so that the categorization into folders happens automatically according to the attached mailbox even when using aliases. Any one has any idea/comments/suggestions?

I had this problem too. I eventually found a setting in SL called “Include original sender in email headers”, right at the bottom of the settings at Login | SimpleLogin.

I need the Original recipient email mailbox included to apply those filters. I am already using the mentioned option.

Hmm, I tested a bit. It seems to work if you change your filter slightly. Before I had something like

if allof (address :all :comparator "i;unicode-casemap" :contains ["To", "Cc", "Bcc"] "youraddress@mail.tld")

and I changed it to

if allof (header :comparator "i;unicode-casemap" :contains "Delivered-To" "youraddress@mail.tld") {

Idk if this is a clean/the best possible solution, but it worked when I tested it briefly.

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This is working for me. Thanks a lot, kind stranger!

Just one more query, if i want to categorize into a sub-folder;shall the following work?

if allof (header :comparator "i;unicode-casemap" :contains "Delivered-To" "youraddress@mail.tld") {
   fileinto "parent_folder/child_folder";

Yes, this should work. Glad I could help you!

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Yes, it is working. Just tested.

Thanks for all the help!