Do I have to generate all my aliases from my browser window now?

I was pleased to see the release of a browser integration, but what if I’m not using a web browser yet still want to generate an alias?
It appears this ability is now missing. I’m on MacOS
The SimpleLogin app does not have any way to create new aliases inside of it, which I find very strange.
Thanks for any help

I see a light gray “+” button in the middle of the bottom border area of the app. Click on it and you can generate a new alias. (macOS Sonoma, SimpleLogin app v. 2.4.3 (30.

This is what it looks like to me. I don’t see any + sign…

Wait why do I have version 1.0.1? Where did you get your app from? Thanks

Weird. OK so I’m very confused about this app. I now have two apps, one at version 1.0.1 which I think installs a browser plugin for safari but does not do anything else, and one at version 2.4.3 which creates and manages aliases but does not install a browser extension.
Is that how it’s supposed to work? seems broken!

Get the newer version of the app here:

Thanks. Does that version include the browser extension? I don’t think it does.

The download for the Macintosh SimpleLogin app that “includes a Safari extension” is here:

The version numbering is very confusing!

Yes, and that version is the one that prompted my original post. It ONLY includes a browser extension. You need to have both versions if you want a browser plugin and an app that has any functionality.