Advanced filtering and auto-reply

Hello SimpleLogin Team

Firstly would like to thank you all for this awesome application.

I am wondering if there is some plan for following features which maybe make SimpleLogin better.


Description: automatically reply back to sender when receive message. (and either still forward the email to mailbox or archive / discard it)

Reason: I plan to disable some alias but I am worry about if I will miss some important message. It’s good to have auto-reply so all email send to certain disabled alias will auto reply back to sending saying something like "Current email is no longer in use and please contact It’s also useful for some email that looks like not send to me but for someone else. For example I have a domain that similar to a company so I am getting a lot of email that suppose to be send to that company, (such as i have but the company’s domain is, I can setup some auto reply and disable those alise to ask sender contact instead of

Advanced filtering

Description: a filter feature similar to filter on Protonmail (or Gmail), that you can redirect email that send to same alias to different mailbox based on subjects or sender’s email.

Reason: it’s more like a pre-filter feature that simplelogin can filter some email based on sender or subject or other stuff before forward to the mailbox. For Example, i have and I would like forward any email from to my gmail, and any email from to my protonmail.