Upgrade SimpleLogin will cause unlimited Proton Pass aliases?

Login | SimpleLogin does not show supported payment options. I wanted to pay with Monero. http://digitazyyxyihwwzudp5syxxyn3qhcd63wqcha2dxpfqiyydmrgdiaad.onion/en allows buying “SimpleLogin Premium voucher code: 1 year” for €27 using Monero.

I am wondering if i use such coupon code, inside my SimpleLogin account (into which i have logged in using Proton), then will this affect also my free Proton account aliases limits, like raising 10 aliases limit inside Proton Pass?

Thank You

"SimpleLogin Premium does not increase the number of Proton Pass aliases you can create. You would only be able to create unlimited aliases via SimpleLogin.

If you get the Unlimited plan however, this comes with the paid features for all of Proton’s services, which includes Proton Pass as well as SimpleLogin."