Reverse Alias Explained

I don’t get the whole reverse alias thing. I want to able to reply to a sender in Proton Mail from the alias I gave them in SimpleLogin. So does that mean I need to give them a reverse alias that is the same as the original alias I gave them?

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I’m with you on this. There’s no completely clear explanation that I can understand. But it does sound like that when you want to reply to an original sender, you do so using the reverse alias, which of course, is different from the simple login address you gave them in the first place - confusing to the sender!

I guess the only way to solve this issue is to test it out using multiple email addresses and see what happens…

what does it mean reverse alias?

I hope I can explain it:

The reverse alias basically only exists so that the Simplelogin mail server knows which sender alias the email you are sending should have.
Your alias is
The reverse alias is either created when you receive an email to this alias
when you add an email address to this alias via “contacts” on the alias yourself.

However… you now want to send an email to
now. So you search for the alias, go to “Contacts” and create the reverse alias.
The reverse alias looks like this (as an example):
The system now knows that if you send an email to this reverse alias, you want to use as the sender.

Does this help?