Open PGP Authorized addresses

So on the Mailbox page there is a PGP setup that is fairly simple. What I did not understand is
Authorized addresses

Emails sent from these addresses to a reverse-alias are considered as being sent from xxxxx@xx.xx

Somene knows this?

Yes in case you have several mailboxes that you want to send emails from. This happens if you use an email client like Thunderbird that supports multiple mailboxes and it’s set up so that all outgoing emails are sent from a specific mailbox.

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Yes thank you. Would you be so kind to walk me through an example?

The first question to ask would be, do you have two or more mailboxes added to your client like Thunderbird? If you do, you can add all of those mailboxes as authorized addresses. So, whenever you receive an email, you don’t have to respond from a specific mailbox address. Sending from any address will be treated as an authorized send, thus sending out the actual email from the alias address.

Best way to learn would be by testing this flow.


Thank you…definitely the best way is to try

Just on the fly
how do you change Username Anonymous

I am not sure about that. There’s usually an option on settings that allow you to change the username, but it seems to be disabled on this Discourse.

Yes it has been so if someone changes this I would like to Change my harsh mistake at the signing up :slight_smile:

You can change your username on the Preferences tab here:

Thank you Son. I thought that I tried this already and there was no pen. So as I have done this Nice to meet you all I am Goran !!

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