Add option for alternative Table View for the aliases page/tab

The current Card View looks nice, but having the option to view all that info in a Table format would be so much nicer.
From a UX perspective this would allow better scanning of the information.

The default columns could be;
| Enable | Alias | Latest Sender and when | Description | Display Name |

With stats for forwarded, blocked, sent in the last 14 days.

Then hover icons for Pin, Transfer and Delete.


The card view is an abomination and it’s utterly useless if you have more than 4 or 6 aliases (only 4 fit in a single screen, which is absurd to begin with).

I was about to raise this as an issue. To the list of columns I would add the mailbox name. And the ability to sort on any of the columns - which would allow alias’s to be grouped by mailbox, which does not seem to be a feature of the present ‘card’ view. The present view consists mainly of white space, which is very wasteful. A agree with alex_w - I have just started using the alias’s today and already it is becoming difficult to manage them, and I have many more to add.

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